Tacker’s Shake Shack

Tacker's Shake Shack409 Military RdMarion, AR 72364870-739-3943My oldest monkey, Satchel (age 16), has a girlfriend (!!) who lives in Marion, Arkansas. This means his dad and I have been shuttling him back and forth. [Read entire story]

Next Door

Next Door937 South Cooper901-278-0278On Easter Sunday, Warren and I dragged to very cranky monkeys (Satchel, 10 and Jiro, 8) out to brunch. Since it was Easter and we had no reservations, we were a little afraid we'd end [Read entire story]


Wingstop4697 Poplar(901) 537-1814Satchel, age 11, is obsessed with chicken wings. He's been asking to go to wing stop for months. Basically every time we drive down Poplar, he asks me to stop.One rainy afternoon while [Read entire story]

Hunger Monkey (Food Truck)

Hunger Monkey Food TruckI read about Hunger Monkey on the Flyer's Hungry Memphis blog a couple of weeks ago, and was very excited to see it parked in Overton Park last Saturday when we took our (temporary) dog to the dog [Read entire story]

Love Shack

Love Shack 2886 Walnut Grove901-323-2288The Love Shack is the cutest place ever.Satchel (age 11) also liked the Love Shack, but thought the name was a little funny. I explained that it was from a B52s song, but that [Read entire story]

Elena’s Taco Shop

Elena's Taco Shop6105 Summer Ave. #101901-417-7915There was a LOT of hype when Elena's opened last year and I wanted to check it out immediately. I tried to take the monkeys (Satchel, 11, and Jiro, 9) on a Friday night [Read entire story]

The Brass Door

The Brass Door152 Madison901-572-1813Seamus Loftus, the manager of The Brass Door, has been helping me out with the O35 Women's Soccer League by hosting free soccer clinics at Greenfield Arena and raucous after parties [Read entire story]

Restaurant Iris

Restaurant Iris2146 Monroe901-590-2828Let me preface this review with one thing. The beautiful mood lighting at Iris really limits what one can do with her sad iPhone 4, picture-wise.Now, down to business.A couple of [Read entire story]

Monsieur Demarcus

Monsieur Demarcus670 Jefferson (901) 528-8799Satchel (11) and Jiro (9) love crepes. When I heard that Monsieur Demarcus was moving from Bartlett to Victorian Village, I knew I would have to take them ASAP. We actually [Read entire story]

The Second Line

The Second Line2144 Monroe Ave(901) 590-2828Last Wednesday I convinced the family to go to The Second Line for dinner. The Second Line is Kelly English's new casual New Orleans style restaurant, next door to Iris. I [Read entire story]


Derae923 S Highland St 901-552-3992Warren became obsessed with taking us all to Derae, an Ethiopian & Mediterranean restaurant, near the University of Memphis. Ethiopian is a hard sell for me, much less the monkeys [Read entire story]

Asian Palace

Asian Palace5266 Summer Ave #65(901) 766-0831I am so, so late to the party on this one. I can't understand why. Asian food + Summer Avenue = Our favorite.Thankfully, we have friends to keep us in line. Satchel's (age 11) [Read entire story]

Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizza

Pyro's Fire Fresh Pizza1199 Ridgeway Road (901) 379-8754Over the Christmas holidays, we were scheduled to be out east for the roller skating princesses' holiday program (my nieces are princesses). I had been wanting to [Read entire story]

India Palace

India Palace1720 Poplar Ave (901) 278-1199Just before Spring Break we had three snow/ice days. One day, I met Satchel (age 11) and Warren at India Palace for lunch. (Jiro, age 9, was at a friend's house)India Palace is [Read entire story]

Lost Pizza Co.

Lost Pizza Co.2855 Poplar Ave.572-1803On Friday, we went to check out the new Lost Pizza Co. It's a Mississippi chain that has now made it's way to Memphis. It recently opened in the old Grisanti's location.Sadly, it was [Read entire story]

Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar

Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar39 S Main Street(901) 521-8005Since there was no school for the kids and no work for me on Friday, I decided to treat the monkeys (Satchel, 11, and Jiro, 9) to lunch at Flight. Satchel has [Read entire story]


4Dumplings6515 Poplar Ave. Suite 115(901) 762-4184 The JCC pool opened on Memorial Day, so I finally had an excuse to take the monkeys (Satchel, 12, and Jiro, 10) to 4Dumplings across the street.It's in a strip mall as [Read entire story]